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your arrival is abrupt.
You awake in utter darkness, disoriented and confused, feeling nothing but the rocking of the small ferry in which you find yourself. You blink, trying to remember how you've gotten here, why you're on this craft, what's even going on? Slowly, you see lights off in the distance. As you begin to approach a nearing shore, you can make out the man, no the creature, piloting the ferry. He's hidden beneath a black robe and a deep cowl that shows nothing, at least not until he's stopped the boat. As the strange craft glides to a silent stop, a bony hand extends from beneath the folds of the robes, pointing towards the docks, and then a voice enters your mind:

This is your stop. Take the tablet, contact others, welcome to Tartarus.
May the gods grant you mercy.

.mercy is relative

There's pain and blood seeping from a wound you hadn't noticed, a wound in a shape that may be all too familiar to you. Where did it come from? Why is it there? None of the answers are apparent and the cowled man is gone. He did leave you that strange tablet, though. Maybe the others he mentioned would know more, and maybe they can offer some aid...

The Tartarus Experiment is a Panfandom, Community-based RP on Dreamwidth. Your character has been marked, either with symbols or letters, representing sins for which the goddess Themis has found them guilty. There are heavy elements of horror, torture (both physical and psychological), as well as a few lighter events interspersed throughout. Characters will find themselves labeled by a very judgmental goddess and trapped in an underground city with no apparent means of escape. Follow the links below to learn more!

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